Personal Work

When I’m not focusing on my freelance production work, I like to keep busy with personal projects. These include writing, illustration, comics, concept art, and more. I’ve collected some of my most notable projects here.

Time Will Tell

In the not so distant future, humanity is making strides to leave Earth behind. Those that stay behind work to rebuild the history we left behind. Time travelers tasked with recording the world we’ve lost jump back through history to document the things we missed. When one of them runs into a new traveler, one that isn’t supposed to be there, things take a complicated turn.

Our story follows Dr. Demitrius Gates as he travels through time, office politics, and love. Time Will Tell is scripted by Taneka Stotts and me to be a full-length graphic novel. Below are character models and concept art I’ve done over the years.

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Mean Eggs & Ham

After graduating college with a degree in Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management, and a few different experiences working in professional kitchens, my career pivoted to comics. However, I never lost my love of cooking (or puns) and so I decided to make a zine of recipes that would fill the menu of my make-believe breakfast cart. Thus, Mean Eggs + Ham: Real Recipes From a Fake Food Truck was born. This zine collects some of my favorite recipes in six easy-to-make breakfast dishes that will make anyone say they DO like “mean eggs and ham.” It also gave me a chance to try designing a book from start to finish.

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Nine People’s Favorite Thing

[Title of Show] is a musical about two guys making a musical about two guys making a musical. Nine People’s Favorite Thing is a song from that musical about making what you love and never compromising, even if your artwork isn’t popular. In 2014, I drew a short comic based on one of the verses about a young girl baking something for her church festival.

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Eight Days a Week

A shy, nerdy girl finds herself amidst a slew of love connections. Will she get everything she wants…or more? Eight Days A Week is an interactive short story featuring Wednesday, a young shut-in who is unlucky in love until suddenly she finds herself with not one boyfriend, but two! The story features polyamory, queer identities, and the way we present ourselves socially versus privately. It is currently being scripted with the hope of releasing it as a visual novel or interactive story.


Sometimes I draw stuff. Here is a collection of some of my favorite recent pieces.

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Every once in awhile, I’m allowed to design front matter and back matter for books. While I’m still learning, I really enjoy the process of making books look professional with a bit of additional design!

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Gran Grimoire

Gran Grimoire was a webcomic launched in 2011. Written by Taneka Stotts and drawn by me, it told the story of a down-on-his-luck former professor with a large affinity for books. Unfortunately real life got in the way of updates and it went on a permanent hiatus in 2012. It was a huge learning experience for me and I will forever be grateful for the people in my life who supported this little project. Who knows, it make make a reappearance some day…